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How You Will Benefit From Pastor360

Pastor360 train tracks xlProviding educational and spiritual training and support for you and your ministries, Pastor360 is where you come to gain the right resources, ideas, strategies and tools to enjoy more balance, greater effectiveness, less stress, supportive accountability, and a sense of hope and joy in your pastoral ministry.

Pastor360 is not a “cookie cutter” approach to the issues of ministry. Our team is committed to providing specific solutions to specific challenges; in many cases having dealt with and overcome many issues personally (we know the way out). We provide the right solutions in a collaborative, collegial environment.

With over 100 years of cumulative pastoral leadership experience, Pastor360 has assembled a team of mentors and coaches who work as a team to address how you can…

  1. Expand outreach and mission impact
  2. Improve staff development and capacity
  3. Grow as a leader who develops other leaders
  4. Create a culture of generosity in your congregation
  5. Improve team performance and motivation for volunteers
  6. Improve alignment and purpose for church’s with schools
  7. Feel a sense of rejuvenation and revitalization for ministry
  8. Be appropriately compensated for the great work being done
  9. Enjoy personal, professional time balance and effective time management
  10. Gain strategic insight for major transitions for themselves and your congregation
  11. Bring particular expertise to the issues of leading large, growing, multi-staff churches

You Will Gain the Right Knowledge, Skills
and Abilities That Lead to...

  1. Raising Funds and Funding the Mission Through StewardshipPastor360 Proverbs 911 Praying Hands
  2. Healthy and Rewarding Family and Ministry Balance
  3. Lower-Stress Staff Leadership and Management
  4. Dynamic Congregational Leadership
  5. Overcoming Discouragement
  6. Effective Time Management
  7. Expanding Your Outreach…and so much more!


Your Next Steps

I would encourage you to prayerfully consider applying for our private coaching program so you can lower the risk of becoming the next statistic. Remember, churches fail because pastors fail and in many cases…it’s not your fault alone. Pastors are often limited by financial constraints in achieving these objectives on their own.

Pastor360 Bob Hiller Preaching

You have a need for your pastor to have his personal affairs in order so he can provide a stronger and more effective ministry to your church and in your community.

Our desire and passion is to help your pastor gain the knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, and leadership attributes so he can continue to grow the kingdom of God through your congregation while achieving and maintaining a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Supporting and sponsoring your pastor into our program can help accomplish this.

So, I'm hopeful that you will consider these disturbing statistics, reflect upon your church's relationship with your pastor. I’m also confident that you realize that pastors are real people who are not perfect and who often need assistance to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities to better serve you and to expand the impact of your church in the Kingdom of God. To show your love and support for your pastor, have a conversation with him to discuss the program that will best suit him and your congregation.

Your contribution/financial gift may be tax-deductible because Pastor360 is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is focused on ‘Making Life and Ministry Better’ for pastors. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Yours in Service,

Davy Tyburski, Co-Founder

Selected ‘PK’ (Preacher’s Kid) Stories

Pastor360 Lila photoI’m Lila Larson. Dad was a United Church Minister in Canada and I saw the struggles he went through growing up as a Pastor’s daughter.

It was really in later years that we got to spend more time [with Dad] because in the summers he would take his 4-weeks of study leave and his 2-weeks of vacation and go study some more to add to his skills. Not just about the Church but adding to his skills on how to work with people and how to build systems that would work. All the things never included [at the seminary]. He paid for all of those things himself, which meant that there wasn’t a lot of money to do things.

What I’m sad about is those kinds of situations still exist. Pastors are given the theological base and there is more that's been added to their training. But they’re not given the skills in how to manage what God has prepared them to do…and the pain for the Pastor, for the Pastor’s wife, for the Pastor’s children is gut–wrenching because we were not supposed to show that Dad wasn’t fully equipped. Pastors need more, they need more support, and they need more training. They need more skills in areas other than just serving God.

Dad was a lifelong learner, I know that what is being offered through Pastor360, he would embrace whole-heartedly, he would be the strongest supporter, and he would be the first learner. And as he prays over all of us now from being with God he is rejoicing and his great thundering laugh is celebrating that there is such a resource as Pastor360!

Pastor360 Ben photoI’m Pastor Ben Braun. PK’s have a good idea of what their fathers are going through in the parish, but it is always a filtered view. Having been in this a year and a half, I’m starting to realize just how much I was protected from, in terms of Dad not bringing it home. Things like taking on other people’s anxiety. Whether you brought on the anxiety from someone going through a divorce, or whether you are bringing on anxiety watching a ten year old go through cancer. If you don’t take care of it, it just builds up. I saw this happen as a PK. No one likes to see his or her father broken.

Now he and I are very close because we went through that brokenness as a family. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder what could have been taken care of to help him. He does not have to go through those kinds of things alone and I think Pastor360 really offers up opportunities for that. It offers up opportunities for any age Pastor, whether you are starting off or you’re in transition to your second call, or whether you’ve been at this for thirty years.

It was great hearing about how this [Pastor360] was started up and how it came from someone sitting in the pew that really cares about what their Pastors go through and wanting to make sure that it is being taken care of and thought of. Whether you are an elder, on the board of governance, or church council, you’re in a place of responsibility to care for your Pastor. You are there to encourage your Pastor and say, ‘You need to grow too, because you’re not going to be any good to us if you crash and burn.’

Selected Stories on How Pastor360 is
Making Life and Ministry Better...

…to me Pastor360 has meant a great deal…it has helped my congregation to see me more as an effective leader…they are really reaping the benefits of what they’ve invested so they are very happy with what they’ve seen with Pastor360…

Pastor Bob Hiller, Moorpark, California a son it’s been encouraging to see the support that my father is’s kind of nice to see that no matter the size of the church that guys are coming from there are some common things we all go through…

Pastor Ben Braun "PK" Preacher's Kid, Austin, Texas

…If we do not continue to grow and learn from one another and from those who have been there done that but also from folks outside of the church then we’re gonna miss the boat…and we have for too many years…this work is that important…

Pastor Tom Pfotenhauer, Woodbury, Minnesota

…when I got the invitation…it was (and is) an answer to prayer…it’s really the genuine investment of men who actually care about me and my spiritual life and walk…it’s also been a big help for my marriage…I would highly recommend this process to anyone!”

Pastor Wayne Braun, Flower Mound, Texas

Pastor360: Making Life and Ministry Better

Research shows that you face more issues, deal with more conflict, more anger, and higher expectations than ever before. In addition, you may have not learned to balance time and responsibilities of family and ministry or to deal adequately with the massive demands and expectations of the ‘job.’

Pastor360 Tom Pfotenhauer learningProviding practical advice,  proven leadership guidance and spiritual support for you and your ministries, Pastor360 is where Pastors just like you come to gain the right resources, ideas, strategies and tools to enjoy more balance, greater effectiveness, less stress, supportive accountability, and a sense of hope and joy in Pastoral ministry. Pastor360 delivers its vital educational, practical and spiritual support for you and your ministries through live collegial events, “MasterMind” gatherings, video conference private coaching calls, group coaching calls, and our online 24x7 Pastor360 Academy.

Pastor360 Collegial Gatherings
Make Life and Ministry Better...

A Cornerstone of Pastor360...Showing Appreciation to Our Brothers in Christ

A big part of our Pastor360 culture is recognizing and appreciating our Pastor360 Brothers. Pastor Jerry Kieschnick is shown here presenting Pastor John Davenport with a Pastor360 Award of Excellence. We ask that you prayerfully consider attending one of our upcoming live collegial gatherings!

And Recognizing Pastors For the Wonderful Work They are Doing in This World!

Pastor Bill Tucker is shown here presenting Pastor Tim Bohlmann with a Pastor360 Award of Excellence. We ask that you prayerfully consider enrolling in one of our Pastor360 programs!

And Acknowledging Pastors For All That They do!

Pastor Steve Wagner presenting Pastor Eric Hiner with a Pastor360 Award of Excellence. We are looking forward to acknowledging you at one of our upcoming Pastor360 gatherings!


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